PHPMyEcards provides webmasters with an ecard sending service. PHPMyEcards is a free open source project.


Free PHP Open Source pages for ecards sending service


2008 August (v1.21): now supporting Flash ecards

2007 January (v1.2): some minor bugs on install process fixed. Better special characters management on all strings used in PHPMyEcards (previously could cause some bugs). The max number of caracters for the title of categories is now 200 (previously 20).German is now available (not for install process yet)

2006 December: PHPMyEcards v1.01 includes a slight change in modif_message.php file to fix a bug experienced under certain platforms and/or browsers : adding a new line in the message could trigger errors in the sending process

2006 June: PHPMyEcards v1.0