PHPMyEcards provides webmasters with an ecard sending service. PHPMyEcards is a free open source project.


Free PHP Open Source pages for ecards sending service


PHPMyEcards is a set of PHP webpages providing your website with an ecards sending service.

You don't need any programming skill (HTML, PHP, SQL...) ! PHP must be installed on your web server, and its mail() function must be available. You should also have an access to a database.

Advantages are listed below (click on them to get more precise description) :

PHPMyEcards was designed for all types of websites.

Fast install (5 steps)

After downloading, unzip it, the upload the folders and files to your webserver.

Setup automatically starts when you enter the URL of the PHPMyEcards root folder on your site.

Before install, GNU/GPL license is presented (PHPMyEcards is distrbuted under this license).

Step 1 : PHPMyEcards check availability on your webserver of all needed functions. If some of them are not detected, you can go to next step. However, PHPMyEcards might not correctly work.

Step 2 : Enter database connection parameters. A connection test is performed.

Etape 3 : Building PHPMyEcards tables into your database

Etape 4 : Setting admin account

Etape 5 : Writting files on your server

Light and fast

PHPMyEcards is less than 240Ko. Few files are used, consequently, browsers can quickly load pages.

Full admin interface

You don't need to be a skilled programmer to use PHPMyEcards. However, to finely tune the graphic style or to make PHPMyEcards meet your requirements, it's up to you : PHPMyEcards is Open Source, just follow the GNU/GPL recommendations!

The interface enables you to

  • Add, erase, empty categories
  • Download new cards in a category and erase them
  • Manage graphic style (background colors, borders color, characters color, width ...) - several pre-defined styles are included !
  • Choose site language (now available : English-French)
  • Modify your admin password and your login
  • Write welcome message
  • Erase old records in your database